I feel quiet today. I have entered a new zone. I am 215. Surgery was at 246 and I want to lose 100 pounds. Welll, I would like more but for the purposes of calculating math as we go, I have rounded off to 100. This means that at 221, I lost 1/4 of my … Continue reading 215


Vegetarians/Vegans and Me

I may have found a reason I am not losing the way I had hoped. My Endo thinks that being vegetarian (and many years vegan) before surgery, and now my post op diet is meat sourced protein, may not be making my body very happy. So my diet is now officially going back to its home … Continue reading Vegetarians/Vegans and Me


I am not losing. The bulk of what I lost was in the first 2 week on liquids. I did the 3 week stall, lost a few more and then have remained on a stall since. I am doing everything analy (is that a word?) right. So here is my theory. My body thinks its … Continue reading Protein

5 Weeks

I should have written a post about surgery. but it was overwhelming, exhausting and recovery involved oxy, sleep and days passing that I hardly remember. I will write it at some point but before I give up on a blog that I barely started, I want to jump back in. So please excuse the missing … Continue reading 5 Weeks