So this is what I learned over the last few days.

  • You can definately eat around a sleeve. A few bites here and there without a daily plan will find you eating just like you did before, just eat constantly and small bites and you can def fit in thousands of calories.( I only picked at a cupcake all day but it gave me the picture)
  • 45 grams of protein is my limit. sorry to my team, thank you Endo. I can slowly lose on 46 grams.
  • One Md questioned if I was actually allergic to meat, as I feel so much better and healthier without it. I am to watch for symptoms, I have had a runny nose and headache after each meat sourced protein since I started watching.
  • I can eat mounds and mounds of steamed veggies and eat all day never hitting 600 calories and if you log it into a program, you barely need a multi, you are getting so many nurtriants.
  • When I am stressed, hungry or tires, I’mgrabbing veggies….a pig out is never 100 calories.
  • The sleeve changes your tastebuds… even thought I picked at a cupcake…. it wasnt the yumminess i remember. In fact I have no desire to ever have one again.
  •  Never forget my water bottle…. its my new cigarette…and works the same way for me.

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