One of my rare yummy treats is steak. I never ate much meat but when I did it was steak. It’s a downfall really, a thing that prevents me from declaring my full fledge vegan lifestyle.

But one nice thing has happened, shopping they had my lovely t-bone steak on cheap-eat-it-quick-before-you-die price and I failed my own goals and bought it. Cooked to perfection, all goals completely gone, I dug in….and by the second bite, all I could think…was ew…..and gave it to the dog.

One thing sleeve surgery really does do for some people is change what you consider yummy.

Steak is no longer yummy… crossed into ucky……I consider this a gift from above. Now I feel myt personal goals are more protected from the evil food temptations that lurk in the shadows that surround me.


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