Low Protein and Me

It’s been 2 days since I ahve decided to go AVERAGE protein post Gastric Sleeve. I say that since women require 46 grams of protein and they have me eating 60-80. As  soon as went to mushy foods and 60-80 grams of meat sourced protein, weight loss stalled.

So I am returning to my previous 46 from egg whites and veggies and we will see what happens.

So far, I spent day one finishing up the remaining meat sourced protein in the house. Day 2, I have armed myself with more local farmer eggs, the ones with orange yolks and happy hens that run free all day eating bugs and grass.  I am also back tracking on cronometer as I gave up a week or so ago, feeling the weight will never go.

So today is day one of my home planet diet of no dairy, no meat except for egg whites.

Let’s see if this helps it change to 219…..it went to 218 for one day and then back to 220. It is creepy to be the very same pound. But I am respecting my body and I am assuming it needs to do what it needs to do. On the other hand, feeding it a foreign diet that it never tolerated before surgery doesnt make any sense that it would tolerated it now. I agree with Endo.

I press onward.



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