The Intriguing Thing about Stalls.

All my life, I have been fat. I have soared up and down the numbers.  I have spent my life living on this plateau or that one. But the plateaus, I must say, were more of a range. I would spent a chunk of time weighting 243-246 or 197-203, and so forth. It’s as if you lose another 5 pound chunk and then live in that particular 5 pound range.

But something very different happens metabolically after Bariatric surgery. You stall. And by stall I do mean, stop….a dead stop, like with brakes. I do not live in a range anymore. Since this bazaar occurance involves an inanimate object’s participation, this occurance bears close to miracle.

I had been warned so that my mind was prepared to accept this occurence when it happened to me. My first month after surgery, I spent 2 weeks on pound 228. I was never 227, never returned to 229. It was 228 every single morning. I was mentally prepared by fellow forum users.

Then 8 pounds fell away and I went triumphantly downward to my goal. I only went to pound 220 and stalled again. Today is the official 14th day of that pounds participation in my life along with the scale.

I have to wonder, how does it manage to sit on the very same pound? I have tried my best to mess with it. I have eaten only 300 calories and twice the water, I have doubled my calories, doubled the carbs, worked out way too much, not worked out at all, and then gave up and went back to my routine of 800 calories, 60 grams protein and quite frankly I drink water and decaf all day so that I have no worries.

Where did the range of pounds go? How does this miracle happen metabolicaly that it is the very same pound each day? Is the body doing advanced math in the night making all the necessary adjustments so I can weigh the same? And if I follow that theory, is that what happens metabolically after Bariatric surgery? Does your body suffer a major crisis involving the dismissal of an organ, hormones, enzymes, etc and kick in its math skills to make all the needed adjustments to sustain life?

If so, it has accomplished math skills beyond our understanding. So in a way, when I for the 14th time weighed exactly 220 in the morning, I should be applauding it accomplishment.

I think it just missed the morning meeting when we were discussing overall goals.

I will add that yesterday was a day out with friends, I ate at my first restaurant since surgery, drank wine, ate a cookie at an event, had restaurant leftovers late that night and more wine. I awake, prepared for the weight gain of my possibly near 1400 calories the day before,

I weighed 220.

I bow to the master of the universe, my scale and my metabolism and its ability for math.


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