No Calendars

Its the next day and still same pound….but…. I awake to feeling like I had lost about 5 pounds. Ever do that? You wake up, sit on the side of the bed and already feel with absolutely certainty that you must have lost at least 5 pounds? I did that this morning. I did it with such authenticity, that even though I weight the very same pound, I am certain that its about to fall a chunk, the scale may not have moved but I am feeling exquistiely much as if I had. This catapults me bounding into my day with a confirmed conviction of water and plain steamed veggies to assist with tomorrows ceremonious matter weigh.

I thought to prepare for the upcoming eventual event by posting my current weight on a calendar enabling me to track this journey of my scale. I am well versed in and the infamous plugins. Looking around here, I don’t see them……hmmmm… is my theme limiting me or are they products of .org and not .com.

I press onward….bumping water to 10-12 cups…..I hope… I dont drink it easily.


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