I am not losing. The bulk of what I lost was in the first 2 week on liquids. I did the 3 week stall, lost a few more and then have remained on a stall since.

I am doing everything analy (is that a word?) right. So here is my theory.

My body thinks its on Atkins.

Years ago in my struggle, I tried Atkins. I did it corretly. I read the book, went to the MD, had labs, etc done and began the diet and did it perfectly with MD’s blessings. I went to my follow up appointment and MD even gasped at my labs.Even though everyone reports labs going down, weight loss, etc. My lab “went through the roof” as MD stated. I gained steadily and MD, stated”We need to stop this now!”

I aborted my Atkins plan.

I went back to Vegan, lost my weight, labs went back and the world was right again except I was still fat, though not as fat as on atkins…and I was no longer gaining.

Now, post Sleeve, living on 60-80 gram of protein, and little room for anything else, by percentage of food eaten, my body is technically eating as if on Atkins. And we know officially my particular metabolism DID NOT DO WELL.

So I no longer believe I am on a stall as there is no proof of steady weight loss even at a slow pace except for immediate liquid diet post op. I think this Sleeve diet resembles Atkins and that doesn’t work for me.

I am upping veggies making them my main focus, and tossing in some protein as a side dish and since the regular requirement for protein is 46 grams a day. Let’s try that for a while.Because I am not losing, and I did not do this to stay fat.

Finding the right balance, I press onward.

Hope al is well with you.


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