I feel quiet today. I have entered a new zone. I am 215. Surgery was at 246 and I want to lose 100 pounds. Welll, I would like more but for the purposes of calculating math as we go, I have rounded off to 100. This means that at 221, I lost 1/4 of my … Continue reading 215



Today I am 217. I am breathing easier and recovering from the very, very long stall. I am eating the recommended 45 grams of protein and tons of steamed, nothing processed veggies and 1 fruit. I drink water, decaf and chocolate soymilk warmed up before bed. It's working and the sludgy feeling has gone away. … Continue reading 217

218 and nearly Vegan

I WEIGH 218!!!! Yes!.. to 40 grams of protein....LOTS of veggies not a few after too much protein. Celebrating nearly vegan me. I actually feel hope of seeing 215 soon.... freaking fantastic! ...sighing with happiness for a solution that works.


So this is what I learned over the last few days. You can definately eat around a sleeve. A few bites here and there without a daily plan will find you eating just like you did before, just eat constantly and small bites and you can def fit in thousands of calories.( I only picked … Continue reading Lessons


One of my rare yummy treats is steak. I never ate much meat but when I did it was steak. It's a downfall really, a thing that prevents me from declaring my full fledge vegan lifestyle. But one nice thing has happened, shopping they had my lovely t-bone steak on cheap-eat-it-quick-before-you-die price and I failed … Continue reading Steak


This morning I finally broke the 220. I weighed 219 after 24 hours of eating 45 grams of protein instead of the bariatric team wanting me to eat twice the normal amount. Today's menu, 2 egg white omelets stuffed with mushrooms. Later, will be steamed potatoes, cabbage, squash and broccoli. ...back to my home planet... … Continue reading Yes!