Pizza and Steak

I am told I can eat anything now, in small portions now. Ok, I have done well with soft mush, steamed fish, etc. but I long for a T-Bone steak. I, of course, can’t eat one like before but while shopping yesterday there was a very small one on reduced sale. I decided to sieze the opportunity and get it.

It was like eating a cannonball that erfused to break down. And this was not because I over ate it.The meat part weighed 6 ounces, and I figured to eat half and save half for tomorrow. I was 4 tiny bits in and already felt like I had gorged myself and even worried I would bust apart my staples. Not only that but the delicious flavor I remembered wasn’t to be found, although the dog was having no issues with her pieces.

I decided not to fight it, I cut it up the rest for the dog, knowing this cannonball feeling was not due to everything going well. And quite frankly, beef has the highest calorie  ratio so it’s not doing anything to help me anyways. I chewed on the bone, let the dog pig out on the meat. And treated that experience as a food funeral. Maybe I will revisit  it another day …someday… after hitting goal weight… Afterwards, I had to lie down to recover, feeling like my stomache would blow up. Yup, done with steak.

Today I opted to try another new-after-surgery food with better luck. I got a fresh from the oven slice of pizza. It was cheeseburger pizza, MY FAV!. Maintaining control, I brought it home knowing full well that untested after surgery foods may not go well.

We did ok. It was still DELICIOUS! And I sat with the dog and she helped. I took a bit of the gooey delicious cheesy hamburger topping part and then ripped off the crust underneath it and the dog ate that. I was about 1/3 in and was starting to feel comfortably full (as compared to cannonball-you-may-die full). I then decided to stop as I had enjoyed 1/3 of the topping off a slice of pizza and could be happy there. I broke up the rest for the dog.

We both walked away happy.


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