You Think I Cheated?

To those who think I cheated by having Gastric Sleeve,

First, you’re an ass…. and here’s my response to you.

Is going to Weight Watchers cheating? Are you going to tell those people that they could have saved the $5 that night and stayed home and done it on their own? Are the gym rats cheating and they could have skipped the gym and just walked around the neighborhood and lifted cans of veggies in the kitchen? What about Overeaters Anonymous? Nutrisystem? Is all help cheating or just certain forms of help?

People are fighting a battle out there to lose weight. They buy into frozen food companies, pay motivational speakers, count calories, carbs, and weights of food. They drive all over the place to meet with complete strangers for emotional support, they meet in gyms to work out with people they have never met. People are doing whatever they can to achieve weight loss.

Fuck you if they found a way that is safe, effective and changed their lives into something more profound and livable.

Bite me.

That’s what I say to you people.


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