Cant change me

OMG, I am not made for this. I am, sad to say, an ass. You cannot leave me sitting on a plateau on a 10 number. My over-zealous, competitive, focused, driven side kicks in. I find myself thinking… 800 calories… hmmmm… I can do 400. I can drink 12 cups of water, I can work out for 2 hours.

Then I have to say to myself all day.. Dont be an ass….you will see the 9 soon enough. Please, please dont be an ass, it wont help you. You will muck this up.

…trying to embrace¬†220 patiently…and being a lovely person that respects what’s best for her.

*sigh* …I am, I’m an ass, that’s why I have few friends and need a blog to talk to…

Ok, assy self, promise of the day; 800 calories, 10 cups of water and I guess an extra half hour of your fat ass at the ballet bar would be fine. Looking forward to when my chest rests easily on my thigh and I can kiss my kneecap….it’s the simple joys, isn’t it?….and controling your ass side…which may be harder then kissing my kneecap.


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