Not Listening

Every member of my surgical team told me not to weigh myself everyday. They said once a week was best. I sat, politely smiled and nodded with an, “of course you’re right” smile. They all say this over and over again, I smile and nod a lot.

Actually, inside my mind screamed, “You don’t know me!!!” Why do they reach a conclusion and then apply it to every person who walks through the door? Are they just tired of accessing and have decided to give us all the same assessment? That’s what it feels like. No one asked me how much I weigh myself, no one asked why, no one asked what took me to this conclusion that it’s what’s best for me, no one asked if I tried to weigh myself once a week.ASK! You are a liscensed professional! How do you access anyone if you aren’t asking questions!

Ok, that was my temper tantrum on that one. Here’s my answer to the question no one thinks to ask.

Of course I tried weighing myself once a week. I am in my 50’s and spent my whole life tring to figure out how to lose weight. Do you really think there is even an eensy suggestion out there that I haven’t enthusiastically embraced believing it is the one saving thing that will start my weight loss????? Really??? I mean, come on, you are talking about a culture of people that have lived on grapfruit only, no carb, high carb, no fat, high fat, low calories, nutrition rich, WW, etc. Of course I tried that.

In respect for my team, I am assuming they have found some people getting on a scale each day bitching that another pound hasn’t fallen off…

Hello? Over here! This is me not them.

Being diabetic, hypothyroid and a very slow metabolism, I found when I weighed myself once a week, I was up 5 pounds. Yes …UP.! Sometimes only 3 pounds, once up to 8!! I didnt giggle with satisfaction over another pound gone. I wept for the addition of another 3-8 pounds added to my chore of trying to get rid of weight that won’t get off me.

I let that suggestion go. I went back to everyday. And when I found I was up two pounds, I took note and ate more sparingly that day, I checked my water, I was careful with condiments and processed food. Daily weight check kept me weighing in the 200-250 range and not the 350-400 range.

And since the surgical team doesn’t bother to inquire, they will never know this. But my Endo does, and she’s awesome and even is the one that thinks daily weighing has kept me where I am and even applauded my efforts.

And so when I weigh in now after surgery, I can sit on a plateau very comfy, I am not monitoring weight loss as a primary, I am monitoring gain. And when I see weight going down, it makes me smile. Firstly because I haven’t gained, secondly, that sometimes another pound slipped away in the night.

But after 40 years of being fat, I will still get up with the dog, we will head to the bathroom where she will sit and wait while I will pee, weigh myself and then we  head out to the kitchen to make coffee. I am not going to stop making sure I am not gaining.

Besides, the dog would be confused if I skipped a step in the morning ritual.

I hope everything is well with you.




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