5 Weeks

I should have written a post about surgery. but it was overwhelming, exhausting and recovery involved oxy, sleep and days passing that I hardly remember.

I will write it at some point but before I give up on a blog that I barely started, I want to jump back in. So please excuse the missing chunk of time…..for now

At 5 weeks, I have lost 26 pounds and feel skinny as it went fast. Intellectually I know I am still obese but losing that chunk feels awesome, incredible and inspiring. More than that I feel hopeful for the first time in a very, very long dark time.

Notable things..

  • Yesterday I started activity with a 1 mile walk. I was huffing and puffing and out of shape. But I use to run. And that running time began with worse huffing and puffing. I know this will get eaiser as I go out each time and as I lose more weight.
  • Food must be kept like a boot camp. Once I got approved for “real ” food, I bought a link of sausage. I should have lasted 3 days. I picked and picked and picked. It tasted so incredible! This was a huge slap in the face of reality, that you can eat right past this surgery. I cannot buy sausage anymore. trigger foods are dangerous. I must avoid the sausage section of the supermarket. I must remind myself that my weighloss is more important than a sausage. ( I know, you would think we know that)
  • Really? 80 grams of protein? Why? No other charts say we need to eat that much.
  • I was never on many meds. I am getting woefully tired of taking so many pills in the morning. And twice I have reached for my morning decaf, looked at the pills and said, “Screw it” and walked off without them.  And they don’t feel good going down.
  • I am cold. So cold, I am like a very, very old lady suddenly who can’t wear enough sweatshirts and somedays wear three and the heat is on 70.
  • When I do morning yoga, my belly isn’t stopping me so much and I can bend further.
  • Boot camp for food… I fast for 12 hours, I eat for 12. And in the 12, I start with morning decaf, then every 4 hours, I eat a meal between 100-200 calories. Add in the Half and Half in my coffee, my nightime warm Chocolate Soymilk and I stay about 1000 calories a day or less.
  • I dont believe in 3 meals a day… those people eat snacks to hold them over…that’s opening a door to bad eating. I dont snack EVER. 4 hours is my comfy limit.

Hope you are doing well.


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