Small Accomplishments

As I move forward, I am taking care to add tools and craft processes that will support me in well, I should say after surgery. I like to see this as a new start, a completely new beginning… so these are changes that will support me in my new second half of life..

  • I found a water bottle that suits me. I ignored price, looked only at glass and choose the one that impressed me the most. I now drink 8 cups a day without effort.
  • After buying lots of new salad dressings to try, I found a salad dressing that I LOVE. It enables me to eat salad excitingly.
  • Spiral bound index cards allow me to scratch down what I ate while on the go, my Fingerstick and what I did for exercise. And it keeps me legal.
  • I found a powder protein that has no flavor and no additional chemicals. I am allergic to chemicals. And the powder proteins that the Bariatric team suggests is riddled with chemicals. In fact 75% of the diet they gave me was chemicals. Supposedly they study each patient… I guess they missed my file.(sarcasm spilling)
  • I discovered that soy milk (which is allowed) can be heated with plain cocoa powder added and it tasted great! This is allowed soon after surgery and a good choice for a comfort food.
  • Organic Coffee Company has WONDERFUL Decafs. French Roast Decaf tasted just like the regular High Test French Roast.They also have Gorilla Decaf and Hurricane Espresso Decaf.
  • I am not eating 3 meals with 3 snacks a day as per Bariatric team. I already eat 4 evenly spaced, equal carb/calories meals and never a snack. I am not changing, I am not becoming a snacker to make them happy. When I lose weight, it’s because I am eating 4 evenly space equal meals and sticking to that.I am not triggering myself to fit into their cubicle. It’s when I stray from this routine, that I gain…so I am keeping what works even if they don’t listen. After all, they have not been here for 40 years watching what I eat and do to know what works and doesn’t. I was there…. never a snack.

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