Food Funerals

My NP says that food funerals have no place and not a good idea. She says that you never say goodbye to a food, you will simply eat less of it. I see her point and am sure that works for some people.

I don’t agree and in her saying that makes me feel further that she has no understanding of food, obesity and how we got here.

It isn’t just a food, it’s a process that surrounds the food. It is the context of the food. When I go to the movies, although rarely, I get the bucket of popcorn and munch kernal by kernal throughout the entire movie. Changing to a cup of popcorn misses the point. I need to give up the munching throughout the movie.

In my preparation, I am thinking of ways to change my processes. Changing to a cup of popcorn leaves me still sitting on the edge of my old habit. To me, that is like quitting drinking but you still hang out at the bar. It may work for some but not for me, I will fail. I am well versed in my failures.

When I have had success it is because I kept my process and context but altered the thing I wanted to eliminate. So I will still go to movies but instead of popsorn, I will bring my really cool, fancy water bottle and sip throughout the movie. I will change munching to sipping and all else will be the same.

I have a healthy understanding of grief. Grief needs respecting. Grief needs its moment in the sun. With expressing grief, you are more soundly prepared to move on. I will go to the movies one more time. I will choose an awesome movie that I have waited to see. I will order the bucket of popcorn buttered and savour every bite. And I will feel and experience my last moments with something that I loved, something that I know isn’t good for me but made me happy. I will munch and grieve, sad for its loss and happy to be moving on.

And as I munch on popcorn, I will think of what’s ahead. I will think of my awesome, expenisve gorgeous water bottle, I will think of the weight loss to come and how proud I will be of myself to show up to a movie, seat myself with nothing but my water bottle in hand.

I will be proud of that.





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