I am in the Bariatric program moving to surgery. I could not wait to meet the team. I expected that they would be experts in weight loss. They would be experts in nutrition.They would be experts in trigger foods, eating behaviors, and the development of healthy patterns.

I am seeped in wrongness. I was wrong in having assumptions.Never have assumptions. That was wrong of me.

And the leaders lack of common knowledge scares me.

  • In a group Bariatric class, I asked the Nutritionist, who was speaking, which powder protein had no chemicals and no additional flavor in the bag she passed out. She didn’t know and stated that I should check them out. She actually couldn’t answer any questions about specifics.
  •  When the Nutritionist asked the class for protein sources, I joined in with the group’s Q&A and stated that a can of peas had 15 grams. She replied, “Vegetables don’t have protein”  (I bet she couldn’t explain the Vegans in the world)
  • One patient who was about to have surgery after a year of this program and all the classes asked the difference between Roux y and the sleeve. (How is that even informed consent?) It scares me that with this team, a patient would still not know what they were going to do to him.
  • I will refrane from writing a 4 page bulleted list here as rereading it will even scare me.


But I loved the surgeon. I am confident on the medical center itself, my Primary, my Endo and my Sleep Doctor are incredible. I will depend on these great people and do what I need to do to meet the Bariatric team’s criteria. My heart will be with these other care givers.

And I will try to behave and keep my mouth shut in class even when I know that peas and other vegetables have protein.

I will keep myself in the hands of those I know and trust and move forward in their care. I think taking a good look at what is positive and what is negative, helps you navigate towards a postive end result.




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